Hibiscus Universal DWC LLC, based in Dubai and his sister company, Gibiskus, based in Casablanca, operates on two independent business units: sourcing of high quality of agricultural products and providing advises and services in agriculture and food sector.

Business Unit: Consulting:

Gibiskus, based in Casablanca, which is engaged in consulting and investment advice in agribusiness in MEA region. Our team has developed a recognized expertise in projects development and agribusiness sectors by assisting investors in to implement efficiently their investment.
Sectors: Agriculture, water, environment, food, animal nutrition, forestry, irrigation, rural development...

Business Unit: Trading:

Hibiscus Universal DWC LLC, based in Dubai, which is engaged in sourcing fruits and vegetables, herbs, canned products and edible vegetable oil items.


  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Dry Herbs and aromatic plants
  • Edible Vegetable oil
  • Canned Product
  • Cosmetics